Becoming a Game Designer

As I finished up my first game, I had an epiphany: I knew how I was going to become a professional game designer! It’s simple, even obvious, but it is a clear, goal focused plan. Most importantly, it’s a plan I conceived myself. What is my plan? Over the next year I’m going to, at minimum, create four video/computer games.

Creating games to learn how to design them is an obvious conclusion. But having a clear plan with completed games as milestones I can aim for will be very helpful to ensure I’ll follow through. Using my milestones I’ll be able to easily see my progress and setting deadlines for reaching my milestones will keep me on task. I’m going to create games in a variety of genres to be sure I gain a broad range of experience. And finally, I’ll be documenting my journey here to give me a degree of accountability.

There is more to this plan then just making games. There are many other skills that I need that I plan to work on, like learning how to network with others in my field. I already have plans to learn some of these skills, like regularly updating my blog to work on communication and documentation and getting people to play my games to get experience in user testing and marketing. I hope to pick up these and other necessary skills to some degree.

That’s the plan. I’m quite positive if I follow through, I’ll become a competent game designer and be able to make the games I like. I have the plan and I’ve told the world. Better get to work!