Developer’s Log: Jan. 09

Last Week’s Accomplishments

  • I think I’ll usually do a simple bulleted list for this, but this past week needs a bit more detail. In testament to proper planning and focusing only on base gameplay I finished for more than I though I would. It was a simple task to program the basic platformer gameplay, not surprising giving the experience I now have in using Pico-8. What I didn’t expect is how easy it was for me to add my own gameplay ideas to this framework I made, or how good it would turn out. I have what I feel are the makings of excellent game which is far above what I was expecting I would be able to do. Only problem is, I don’t know what to do with it.

    I really feel what I’ve built so far could be made to a fantastic game, I’m just afraid that I can’t reach this game’s full potential where I am currently. And an even bigger issue is if I do make it and it’s as great as it could be, then what. I want to get my name out there some and learn a bit of marketing before I sell any games to give then a good chance to succeed. If I finish the game and release it now it is likely that it won’t do well. So, do I finish and release it knowing that? Should I finish up a prototype and come back to it when I have the skills and a larger following? Should I aggressively pursue gaining followers and do a crash course on marketing? I need to work this out, but for now I’ll keep working on the prototype.

Weekly goals

  • Add in obstacles, enemies, and health
  • Create pick-ups
  • Start level design