Developer’s Log: Feb. 28

Another month down. February wasn’t a great month for me. I had a lot of issues handling my ADD and wasn’t able to accomplish as much as I would of liked. I was able to get a fair amount done on my project regardless, but it was at the expense of maintaining and writing for my blog among other things. Hopefully the cause of my problems has been dealt with and I’ll be able to work effectually moving forward.

February’s Accomplishments:

  • Made the decision to create my final game using Unity.
  • Learned the basics of how to design in Unity, as well as the necessities for creating a 2d platformer.
  • Recreated the majority of the basic gameplay from the prototype.
  • Started looking for an artist for game assets.

March’s Goals:

  • Create levels.
  • Add the additional mechanics needed.
  • Acquire game art.

Last Weeks Accomplishments:

  • Finished recreating game mechanics from the prototype in Unity.

This Week’s Goals:

  • Polish the game feel.
  • Make the first level.
  • Put out classifies for artist