Modifying Goals

At the beginning of the year, I had this big plan of designing and creating 4 game over the course of the year. Now that two months have passed, I’m sure I won’t be obtaining this goal. This isn’t a negative, just a change in what I’m aiming for. Originally, I planned on these early games I’d be working on being simple things. I didn’t think I’d be trying to sell any of them, thinking that they’d just be simple experiments. I was unprepared for how good the prototype of my first project would turn out!

I loved the gameplay in my prototype so much, I thought I would be a waste to not develop it into a commercial title. At first I thought maybe I’d still be able to stay on track of the original goal, the game is still quite simple. However, I was prepared to abandon my 4 game goal to make this game. And after a bad month, and quite a lot I have to do regardless, it’s time to put my old goal to rest and move ahead. I’m still very glad I made that goal at the start. Having it empowered me to start working, not sure I would of gotten anywhere without it. I am going to have to redraw a plan to move onward, without an outline I may have issues staying on task. Have to regain my focus and get to work.