I’m Back

After everything over the past 2 months, I feel like I’m finally in a good state to continue work. I am refreshed and feeling the creative spark. There is of course plenty to do and am going to have to make a good plan on how to do it all. But I’m feeling good about it, like it’s something I’ll be able to do. So, onto goals moving forward.

April’s Goals:

  • Fine tune the gameplay
  • Create levels
  • Working on finding artist and acquiring art

Know that’s basically what last month’s goals were, and while I did some work on it I didn’t do near enough. But have to keep moving forward!

This Week’s Goals:

  • Continue the hunt for an artist
  • Work on game controls and physics, still feeling off
  • Work on Level Design. Study levels of other, similar games.

Already got a start on this, let’s keep going!