Developer’s Log: May

Hello everyone. As you may have noticed I haven’t been posting as many logs as usual. I’ve been doing plenty of work on my game, it’s just that I’m at the part where there is fewer clear milestones. Every week I’m working on the same things and I felt like I was starting to repeat myself every update. So for now I’ll start with monthly updates and when anything major is finished I’ll make a post. So, on to this months update.

Last Month’s Accomplishments:

  • A lot of background improvements that make the game run better and easier to work on.
  • Gave player control of movement
    • Can still only run forward, but added a back-step
  • Added a ground dash with restores “magic” and makes player smaller
  • Made headway into acquiring art.

This Month’s Goals

  • Get working on level design in earnest
  • Hire an artist