Lightning Smith Games E3 announcement.

Lightning Smith Games has an announcement for E3 (not really, the timing is completely coincidental). The first playtest build for my current project is ready for demo! So, in honor of E3 I would like to formally announce my upcoming game, tentatively titled “Trickster.” In “Trickster,” you take control of the Trickster character common in many Indigenous American cultures. Our Trickster embodies qualities found in the legends of several tribes. You’ll use the Trickster’s agility, wit, and powers to escape from trouble, generally trouble that you caused.


“Trickster” is a side-scrolling platformer. Armed with your bow and magic you dodge obstacles and face enemies in your attempt to escape. Your most useful power is the ability to stop in mid-air and slow the world around you, which I have dubbed Arrow Time. While you’re using Arrow Time, you can aim arrows in a full 360 arc around you which fire once stop Arrow Time. From Arrow Time, you can also access you crow transformation, which allows you to aim a mid-air dash to reach areas you otherwise couldn’t. Arrow Time is taxing, however, and using it in rapid succession will drain you. You’ll have to use it well so you’ll have it available when you need it. You recover as you move forward, and can transform into a rabbit to recover faster, as well as move quite a bit faster.

Of course, just escaping is too simple of a challenge for our Trickster. So each stage features targets and pick-ups, many of which are hidden behind tricky obstacles which require skill to bypass. Only by overcoming these challenges will the Trickster be fully satisfied. But you’ll have to be quick, as our hero’s troublemaking is trying to come to back to haunt him.

The build is ready, and after a bit of initial playtesting I will make a public release for anyone to try. Hope you all enjoy, super exciting to have this ready!