Back to work

Wow, been a while hasn’t it? For some time my creative energy was quite low and I was struggling to get much work done. Good news is I’ve recently started to get my motivation back! The bad news is, however, that’s because I’m putting my Trickster project on hiatus, possibly permanently. Quitting on a project I’ve spent so much time on isn’t exactly a pleasant decision but it’s one I had to make.

The game in its current state has a multitude of issues, I believe to the point where I’d be better off trashing a lot of the work I’ve done and start fresh. It’s been this way for a while, I just kept thinking I could fix it and didn’t want to give up on the work I’ve done. I didn’t want to think I’ve failed. But I’ve admitted to myself that the current build is a bit beyond the point where I can save it. I can accept that I screwed up on this project.

Seeing as I’m starting new anyway, I decided to take the opportunity to work on other projects. While I believe Trickster has plenty of potential, ultimately it isn’t really the kind of game I want to make. And honestly, the way I work and create doesn’t lend well to the large, polished game I was trying to make just working alone. So instead I’m going to work on creating small rough experimental games. I always wanted to explore the possibilities of games and this will allow me to that. And my approach to designing will work better for making games like this.

I’m actually already seeing results from making this decision. I picked up an older project I started for fun and have basically finished it and have other ideas I can’t wait to turn into games!