About Me

I embarked on a journey to become a game designer and started this site to share my experiences and discoveries. Following a plan I devised (documented here), I’m aiming to design and create the best games I can. Everything I learn, from creating games, studying the games I play, or other sources, will be recorded on this site. I’ll also be writing updates on the progress of my games.

Creating video games was always a dream of mine. I went to college and graduated with a computer science degree then decided that joining the “big time” gaming industry wasn’t for me. After a time of not knowing what to do, I decided to become an independent creator. Around this time, I realized I had ADD (attention deficit disorder) which made my early progress very slow. But I’m taking care of that now and have now found my path.

If you’re interested in my games, game design, or maybe even getting some help in any of your own creative endeavors, please follow, leave comments, and share.