Developer’s Log: Feb. 06

First month of my journey has passed. Given how much that happened over the past month, I think I’ll do a recap of the month along with the weekly update.

January’s Accomplishments

  • I build a prototype of my next game in Pico-8. The prototype I build ended being much more fun and interesting I thought it would be leading me to begin planning on creating a commercial game based on it. I didn’t think I’d be working on a commercial game at this point, and it’s still a little shocking that I’m doing this. But I really feel that this prototype should be made into a full game.
  • Started learning a bit of music theory so I can compose my own music. Need to work at it some more but I know the very basics.

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Progress Jan. 02

Last Week’s Accomplishments

  • Absolutely nothing!

Week’s Goals

  • Basic game framework: Move, Jump, Fall, (?)Shooting
  • Finalize game mechanics
  • Start programming additional mechanics

I’ve been told that sending weekly developer emails to yourself is a good way to stay on task and track progress. Decided to take that idea, but instead make weekly posts stating what I accomplished and what I plan to do. I will likely change the format over time as I get more experience writing these.

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