Back to work

Wow, been a while hasn’t it? For some time my creative energy was quite low and I was struggling to get much work done. Good news is I’ve recently started to get my motivation back! The bad news is, however, that’s because I’m putting my Trickster project on hiatus, possibly permanently. Quitting on a project I’ve spent so much time on isn’t exactly a pleasant decision but it’s one I had to make.

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Trickster’s playtest demo is available for download!

It’s finally ready! Trickster is now available for public playtesting. After months of work, I’ve completed all gameplay elements and the game is running smoothly(for the most part). It’s been quite the journey, there was a lot I had to learn and plenty of work I had to do but I’ve made it this far. There’s still a ways to go and quite a bit I still need to learn, however, I’m on my way.

Trickster can be found at You can download it for free, and if you feel like supporting further development of my game you can give a little tip. Let me know what you think, any feedback will be helpful.

Game Club: Transistor Analysis

As a part of a part of a game club, same idea as a book club but with video games instead, I played the game Transistor. And while I need to wait to fully discuss the game with the rest of the club, I can write and post what I want on my personal blog. I just finished and wanted to get my thoughts out while they’re still fresh. To start as simply as possible, Transistor is a great game. The story and atmosphere is great, art and music are beautiful, and I adore the narrator. Gameplay on the other hand, has a few issues. Ultimately, I’d call the gameplay good. In fact, I see the possibility of true excellence. There are just a few key parts that fall short.

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Modifying Goals

At the beginning of the year, I had this big plan of designing and creating 4 game over the course of the year. Now that two months have passed, I’m sure I won’t be obtaining this goal. This isn’t a negative, just a change in what I’m aiming for. Originally, I planned on these early games I’d be working on being simple things. I didn’t think I’d be trying to sell any of them, thinking that they’d just be simple experiments. I was unprepared for how good the prototype of my first project would turn out!

I loved the gameplay in my prototype so much, I thought I would be a waste to not develop it into a commercial title. At first I thought maybe I’d still be able to stay on track of the original goal, the game is still quite simple. However, I was prepared to abandon my 4 game goal to make this game. And after a bad month, and quite a lot I have to do regardless, it’s time to put my old goal to rest and move ahead. I’m still very glad I made that goal at the start. Having it empowered me to start working, not sure I would of gotten anywhere without it. I am going to have to redraw a plan to move onward, without an outline I may have issues staying on task. Have to regain my focus and get to work.

Becoming a Game Designer

As I finished up my first game, I had an epiphany: I knew how I was going to become a professional game designer! It’s simple, even obvious, but it is a clear, goal focused plan. Most importantly, it’s a plan I conceived myself. What is my plan? Over the next year I’m going to, at minimum, create four video/computer games.
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