Swamp Trek

Aggressive creatures have been wondering into your village. You volunteered to venture out to find where they’re coming from. After a few days search you find yourself at the swamp that old legends warn of entering. With no other choice, you prepare to search the treacherous swamp.

Arrow keys:move/select maneuver

Battle Mechanics
You use directional key and x to choose 3 actions per turn, player and enemy actions are simultaneous. You get a short message describing the action the enemy is doing to help decide the best actions.
There are 4 actions;
is advance, next attack does more damage up to a cap.
is circle, resets enemy advance bonuses.
is defend, reduces damage taken. Enemy defense counter attacks if no damage is done
is attack.

These actions are kind of a rock-paper-scissors, > > > >
But an attack with advance bonus will break though defense.

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