A quick update on what I’ve been doing. It’s been an odd month following a kind of bad one, and I’ve haven’t been as productive as I’d like. Having to get used to my medication again, getting my life back in order, the release of a game I’ve been anticipating for years, and having two trips really kept me distracted. In addition, the work I have to do on the game right now isn’t something I have much experience with, slowing down progress even more. All of this has given me a case of creator’s block and I’m working on getting through it. And it’s not like I haven’t been doing anything, I’ve doing some primary looking for an artist, mostly recreated the first stage, and kept refining the game to play better. I have a big trip this week and hopefully it will help inspire me some, have a lot of work to do.

Developer’s Log Mar. 13

Last Week

Embarrassing nothing to report. Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild came out on the third and between that and trying to get a degree of order back into my life I didn’t get any work done. Things are starting to come together now and I’m feeling much better, so I just call last week a vacation and mental health break.

The Week Before

  • Got the camera working and build the framework for the first level

This Week’s Goals.

  • Finish the first level.
  • Brainstorm ideas for other levels
  • Do research on art and story

Modifying Goals

At the beginning of the year, I had this big plan of designing and creating 4 game over the course of the year. Now that two months have passed, I’m sure I won’t be obtaining this goal. This isn’t a negative, just a change in what I’m aiming for. Originally, I planned on these early games I’d be working on being simple things. I didn’t think I’d be trying to sell any of them, thinking that they’d just be simple experiments. I was unprepared for how good the prototype of my first project would turn out!

I loved the gameplay in my prototype so much, I thought I would be a waste to not develop it into a commercial title. At first I thought maybe I’d still be able to stay on track of the original goal, the game is still quite simple. However, I was prepared to abandon my 4 game goal to make this game. And after a bad month, and quite a lot I have to do regardless, it’s time to put my old goal to rest and move ahead. I’m still very glad I made that goal at the start. Having it empowered me to start working, not sure I would of gotten anywhere without it. I am going to have to redraw a plan to move onward, without an outline I may have issues staying on task. Have to regain my focus and get to work.

Developer’s Log: Feb. 28

Another month down. February wasn’t a great month for me. I had a lot of issues handling my ADD and wasn’t able to accomplish as much as I would of liked. I was able to get a fair amount done on my project regardless, but it was at the expense of maintaining and writing for my blog among other things. Hopefully the cause of my problems has been dealt with and I’ll be able to work effectually moving forward.

February’s Accomplishments:

  • Made the decision to create my final game using Unity.
  • Learned the basics of how to design in Unity, as well as the necessities for creating a 2d platformer.
  • Recreated the majority of the basic gameplay from the prototype.
  • Started looking for an artist for game assets.

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Developer’s Log: Feb. 13

Last Week’s Accomplishments

  • Went through several Unity tutorals and have a good enough grasp of the engine to start developement.

This Week’s Goals

  • Port the gameplay of my prototype into Unity.
  • Continue to work on acquiring and producing assets.

More Lessons in Game Development

Been busy the past few weeks and blogging has been the back burner. I’ve seemed to have jumped into another crash course in game development without really meaning to. Deciding on moving on from my prototype to a full release has added quite a few tasks I need to fulfill. Not that I wasn’t expecting that, I knew there will be quite a bit more I’ll have to do. But knowing that it will be difficult doesn’t really prepare you for it. There wasn’t anyway I could be ready for it, only experiencing the game development process can you truly learn how to do it properly. I’m making progress, though a bit slow as I learn to juggle everything that need to be done.

Developer’s Log: Feb. 06

First month of my journey has passed. Given how much that happened over the past month, I think I’ll do a recap of the month along with the weekly update.

January’s Accomplishments

  • I build a prototype of my next game in Pico-8. The prototype I build ended being much more fun and interesting I thought it would be leading me to begin planning on creating a commercial game based on it. I didn’t think I’d be working on a commercial game at this point, and it’s still a little shocking that I’m doing this. But I really feel that this prototype should be made into a full game.
  • Started learning a bit of music theory so I can compose my own music. Need to work at it some more but I know the very basics.

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My Influences: Nintendo

Thought it would be interesting to share the influences that shape who I am and will be as a game designer. And when thinking about what has influenced me, the biggest influence is obviously Nintendo. Super Mario World was the first game I ever played, and there are very few games I consider to be near the level of Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time. I’ve owned every Nintendo console since the Super Nintendo. So it’s plain to see that Nintendo is going to have quite the impact on the games I’m going to make. But what will be that impact? Continue reading »

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