GMTK Game Jam

Over the weekend I participated in the Game Maker’s Toolkit Game Jam, my first ever game jam. For those of you who haven’t heard of game jams before, in a game jam you are given limited time to build a whole new game from scratch and are given a theme to base your game around. In this case, I was given 48 hours to make a game that has dual-purpose mechanics. The game jam was both fun and maddening. While I don’t think I put my best foot forward in this jam, given my slight lack in experience I did fairly well. It was a good learning experience, created some code that can be useful in the future, and came up with a pretty cool game concept.

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Game Club: Transistor Analysis

As a part of a part of a game club, same idea as a book club but with video games instead, I played the game Transistor. And while I need to wait to fully discuss the game with the rest of the club, I can write and post what I want on my personal blog. I just finished and wanted to get my thoughts out while they’re still fresh. To start as simply as possible, Transistor is a great game. The story and atmosphere is great, art and music are beautiful, and I adore the narrator. Gameplay on the other hand, has a few issues. Ultimately, I’d call the gameplay good. In fact, I see the possibility of true excellence. There are just a few key parts that fall short.

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My Influences: Nintendo

Thought it would be interesting to share the influences that shape who I am and will be as a game designer. And when thinking about what has influenced me, the biggest influence is obviously Nintendo. Super Mario World was the first game I ever played, and there are very few games I consider to be near the level of Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time. I’ve owned every Nintendo console since the Super Nintendo. So it’s plain to see that Nintendo is going to have quite the impact on the games I’m going to make. But what will be that impact? Continue reading »