Back to work

Wow, been a while hasn’t it? For some time my creative energy was quite low and I was struggling to get much work done. Good news is I’ve recently started to get my motivation back! The bad news is, however, that’s because I’m putting my Trickster project on hiatus, possibly permanently. Quitting on a project I’ve spent so much time on isn’t exactly a pleasant decision but it’s one I had to make.

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Trickster’s playtest demo is available for download!

It’s finally ready! Trickster is now available for public playtesting. After months of work, I’ve completed all gameplay elements and the game is running smoothly(for the most part). It’s been quite the journey, there was a lot I had to learn and plenty of work I had to do but I’ve made it this far. There’s still a ways to go and quite a bit I still need to learn, however, I’m on my way.

Trickster can be found at You can download it for free, and if you feel like supporting further development of my game you can give a little tip. Let me know what you think, any feedback will be helpful.

Lightning Smith Games E3 announcement.

Lightning Smith Games has an announcement for E3 (not really, the timing is completely coincidental). The first playtest build for my current project is ready for demo! So, in honor of E3 I would like to formally announce my upcoming game, tentatively titled “Trickster.” In “Trickster,” you take control of the Trickster character common in many Indigenous American cultures. Our Trickster embodies qualities found in the legends of several tribes. You’ll use the Trickster’s agility, wit, and powers to escape from trouble, generally trouble that you caused.


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